Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Spring Cottage Life Show

This year Ardith One will have booth # TP 22 in the Trading Post. We are looking forward to seeing a lot of customers. We will have the most popular item at the fall show, the canoe pates by Daniel Maxwell, at the booth again. We sold out in the fall so don't be disappointed and leave it to the end of the show. We will have boxes there if you are giving the "canoe" as a gift. The show hours are Friday, 12 noon till 9, Saturday, 10 till 6 and Sunday, 10 till 5. Come by and say "Hello". It's always nice to see our customers at the show.

Monday, February 18, 2008

New Potter

We have just received our first shipment of pottery by Maggie Murdoch. Maggie was mainly known for her mosiac work but is now producing pieces that don't represent any particular flora or fauna but certainly have that botanical feel to them. She is using many combinations of production (wheel-thrown, slab, coil and carving), glazes (cool blue/grey, acid green and coral) and methods of application(dipping, pouring, spraying and brush) to produce this unique work. We are very excited to have her pottery in our store. It's definitely different from anything else we have.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Barb Howe X-Large Serving Bowl

Valentine's Day Gifts

Mugs by Melissa Schooley

Pottery by Melissa Schooley arrived in the store yesterday. There is now a good selection of her mugs, teapots, cream and sugars if you're thinking of something different for Valentine's Day. We also got an order in by Barb Howe featuring her new rich dark brown glaze. We had it at Christmas for the first time and our customers really liked it. It will have to replace her copper red glaze because she could no longer depend on it.